Community Rules

Thrilled doesn’t express how excited we are to have you be an interactive Black Girls Lost Community Member. However, just like everywhere else, we do have rules and we do expect you to adhere by these rules. But don’t worry, they aren’t too bad! As a community, we are here to have fun, get to know each other and discuss our thoughts and opinions cordially. To continue, scroll below:


  • Registering for your account is really easy. Simply enter in your desired username and a valid email address then check your inbox/spam folder for your login information. Usernames cannot be changed once submitted.
  • After profile creation, you can edit your page and upload your cutest/favorite avatar. Your personal information, avatar and signature can be changed at your convenience once you are logged in.
  • No unnecessary negativity against members. Bashing, bullying and threats are not allowed. Please try to discuss topics maturely.
  • We have moderators standing by for assistance! They will monitor all forums and topics to ensure that our community rules are being followed. Our moderators will have the capability to block/ban you from being an active part of the community.
  • Banning is necessary when it comes to running a forum. Unfortunately, failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in being banned from accessing the forum. Your account will also be disabled from logging in.
  • At any time, BlackGirlsLost.Com has the right to change these rules at our discretion. Please check back regularly to see if any of our rules have been updated.
  • Last rule is to enjoy, have fun and get to know one another!

Our community gives our members access to two different levels to be active in. They are the Members/News Area and the All-Access Area. A description for each level is posted below so that you will have a better understand of where and how to post.


The news area is for all logged-in users to posts and create topics after a profile has been created. After you have registered and/or logged in, you will be able to see all topics in our News area such as local/worldwide crime, missing children & adults, society, politics and more. You will also be able to discuss and give your thoughts and opinions to what is posted on our website or what you see in your everyday lives!


The all-access area is the second level in our community, but only registered newsletter subscribers can see and participate under this category along with the first level. You will be able to share your social media links with other members, download memes to your computer or mobile device, upload photos to the Black & Beautiful Gallery and advertise your services/products for free! Please note that in order for us to allow entry into this area, your email address must match the same email address subscribed to our newsletter.

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