Black-Owned: Young, Black, and Bold: Meet Six Kids Building Their Own Business Empires

The faces of entrepreneurs are changing every day thanks to a mix of youth who are shattering glass ceilings with their bold and innovative ideas. Once a foreign concept – to start and successfully run a company with little to no business experience – is now a reality.

Meet 6 kids who are in charge, focused, and building their own empires with the support of parents, mentors, and their community.

Moziah ‘Mo’ Bridges, Mo’s Bows
From ABC’s Shark Tank to big figure deals with the NBA, entrepreneur, and designer Moziah Mo Bridges is changing the face of the business world with his stylish bowtie business, Mo’s Bows. Since its launch in 2011, Moziah has been hustling tirelessly with the support of his mother to make sure that his brand of bowties becomes a household name. Mentored by Shark Tanks’ Daymond John, Moziah learned the skills necessary to thrive in the men’s fashion marketplace. With a great deal of branding and negotiating experience under his belt, this Memphis, Tennessee entrepreneur is ready for more money moves and we are here for it.

Kheris Rogers, Creator of Flexin’ In My Complexion
Motivated to excel after bouts with racism, Kheris Rogers turned mean comments about her skin tone into a successful clothing line – Flexin’ In My Complexion. The Los Angeles native, who took lemons and made the sweetest lemonade is now the face of her own fly line of t-shirts, bomber jackets, and jumpsuits. Supported by her mom and sister, Kheris is fighting adversity by way of fashion. With her clothing revenue climbing and celebrity support pouring in Kheris Rogers is on track to do even bigger business. History is being made.

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Marley Dias, #1000BlackGirlBooks
With her eyes on the prize, activist and author, Marley Dias, the wiz behind the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign is still making waves in the literary world. Known as an avid reader who was frustrated by the lack of black girls being represented in books, Marley took charge and encouraged her community to collect and donate 1,000 books which featured young black women as leading characters. Now the author of “Marley Dias Gets It Done And So Can You” Marley, the witty and beautiful Jersey girl who is all about equity, inclusion and social justice is proving to the world why she is history in the making.

Maya Penn, Maya’s Ideas
Recognized as an eco-friendly designer, activist, author, cartoonist, TED Speaker, and philanthropist, Maya Penn has been making waves over the last few years because of her creativity and commitment to making the world a better and more sustainable place. Featured in a host of media spaces and recognized by Oprah Winfrey and former President Barak Obama because of her business acumen, Maya Penn is the definition of an an entrepreneur with a broad range of diverse skill sets.

Mikaila Ulmer, Me & the Bees Lemonade
Two bee stings turned Mikaila Ulmer into a business phenomenon. Not happy with the pain, Mikaila looked a bit closer at bees and became fascinated by their role and the ecosystem. She reached out to her Great Granny Helen for her Flaxseed lemonade recipe and aligned it with honeybees and history was made. With a business plan in place, Mikaila, with the support of her family entered a host of business competitions. Today, the brain and beauty behind Me & the Bees Lemonade can credit the bees for her big business idea.

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Cory Nieves, Mr. Cory’s Cookies
A love of treats and a desire to make the world a better place inspired Cory Nieves, known as Mr. Cory to create his own brand of cookies – Mr. Cory’s Cookies. With his vision set and a supportive mom in tow, the Englewood, New Jersey native spent a considerable amount of time testing, baking, and getting his cookies to perfection. All the hard work is paying off. Mr. Cory, the young business professional is now aligned with a host of big brands and leading companies who can’t get enough of his cookies.


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