Black-Owned: An Emerging Beauty Brand Committed to Non-Toxic Makeup for Black Women

Saliah, Najiyyah, and Kareemah Mustafa are the co-founders behind Sabreen Cosmetics, a beauty brand committed to providing non-toxic makeup for black women. Inspired by the death of their aunt due to breast cancer, the women wanted to honor her legacy by creating something that honored her love of cosmetics and beauty.

However, during their research process, they learned about the hazardous ingredients found in products marketed to black women. On a mission to transform their frustration into positive change, they launched Sabreen Cosmetics–a line of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free liquid lipstick enhancers.

To further their cause they also built an online community called Sabreen Queens and launched a social movement, The Queens That Reign Supreme to highlight the achievements of black women in various industries.

Click Source to read their interview with Black Enterprise.


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