Society: Media CEO Marty McDonald Wants Black Women to Walk in Authority — and She’s Leading by Example

In January 2018, Boss Women Media founder Marty McDonald decided to put everything on the line. At the time, she was a marketing manager for a corporation, making a six-figure salary and high up on the company’s totem pole of brand strategy. The problem? She was one of the very few women of color working there, and it began taking a toll. “I was sitting in an environment, in this space where I truly felt like an impostor,” Marty told POPSUGAR over the phone. “I felt very voiceless, and I felt like I had to be animated and assimilate to everyone else’s beliefs of what success looked like.” And so — without a clear plan, path, or paycheck — she quit.

But Marty didn’t leave her job only because she felt powerless: she also felt unfulfilled and yearned for more. That’s when she decided to start Boss Women Media — a brand dedicated to connecting career-driven women through workshops and networking events. She kickstarted BWM with a meeting at the Neiman Marcus Cafe in Dallas, and around 25 women showed up. Cut to now, and Marty — who is in charge of developing relationships with sponsors and partners, strategizing BWM’s revenue growth, managing all of the social media channels, and creative directing events and online content — is in the middle of her first-ever Black Girl Magic tour, through which she’s unifying black women who want to take their careers to the next level. This mission is especially important to Marty because she understands what it’s like being a woman who desires so much more out of her career but not exactly knowing how to reach fulfillment.

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Tour attendees will learn about a series of topics such as the importance of representation, knowing your worth (and what your salary should be), and building a strong brand. There will also be a panel of guests including author Sopha Rush; Revlon’s senior director of marketing, Teneya Gholston; and former Beyoncé backup dancer Denee Baptiste. The event — which is nearly sold out in multiple locations — has already taken place in Los Angeles and will continue in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and New York between Feb. 23 and March 16.

Marty recently spoke with POPSUGAR about her journey from corporate America to starting her own company. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t smooth-sailing, and it wasn’t without any setbacks, but it’s been a course that’s enabled her to step fully into the power she’s always felt within her. And she’s ready to help other women of color do the same thing.

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