Media: Tabloids Called Out by Zerlina Maxwell And Others For Using Malia Obama As Clickbait

Ever since she was a young girl, Malia Obama has been scrutinized and criticized by the public. Well, after several tabloids posted reports about her enjoying wine with her friends and speaking out against the current administration, people everywhere are taking a stand to protect Malia.

On Sunday, The Daily Mail published photos of Malia Obama drinking rosé poolside with a close friend while on vacation in Miami. The article pointed out that Malia is just a few months shy of 21, as if anyone has ever cared about a 20-year-old sipping Whispering Angel.

The next day, the media outlet posted another article which alleged Malia Obama once had a secret Facebook account where she’s criticized Trump and his administration, which is, again, not abnormal considering our current circumstances.

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Although the articles may have been written to start controversy, the only drama was how quickly everyone came for the tabloid for reporting that a college student is doing things almost every college student has done.

Overnight, many other outlets and voices in pop culture spoke out against The Daily Mail and vowed to never turn Malia’s life into a salacious story.


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