Society: Norton Museum of Art To Host Black History Family Day

FLORIDA – The Norton Museum of Art will host a free black history family day on Saturday.

At the museum you’ll find pieces that illustrate a movement and tell a story.

“Nick Cave is a Chicago based artist, but he began to create these sculptures that he called sound suits in the 1990’s,” the Norton Museum of Art’s Glenn Tomlinson said. “One of his inspirations was the beating of Rodney King and as a young African American man himself he tells the story of sitting in a park in Chicago after that had happened and thinking about the way in which African American men are portrayed in the media.”

Cave is one of many black artists whose work will be showcased this weekend at the the Norton’s second annual black history family day event.

“We’re really looking forward to celebrating with the entire community the richness of our collection and African American art,” Tomlinson said.

From civil rights to the abolitionist movement the goal is to tell black history through different forms of art, including dance.

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“We are here to educate you and to give you some information about who black women really are,” Michelle Grant-Murray said.

Grant-Murray choreographed a special performance that will address black women’s connection to the earth.

“I hope that some young black woman will see herself on stage and be inspired to create something new,” she said.

The event runs from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the Norton Museum of Art Saturday, Feb. 23.


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