Health & Beauty: 5 Black Beauty Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram

A decent beauty tip can sometimes be hard to come by if you’re not looking in the right places. But thanks to social media, we can find some of the best advice on how to look photo-ready at all times just by scrolling. Whether you’re on a mission to finally nail that “no makeup” makeup look or you’re searching for the best products for your hair type, these black beauty influencers are people you’re definitely going to want to keep on your radar.

Name: Jackie Aina
Instagram: @jackieaina
Why you should follow her: Uh, have you seen her page? In addition to absolutely slaying everything she does, Jackie Aina — dubbed Aunt Jackie by her fans — is known for giving out helpful makeup, fashion, and skincare tips via her often hilarious YouTube videos while also providing honest feedback to brands that are lacking in their product offerings for women of color.

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Name: Patricia Bright
Instagram: @thepatriciabright
Why you should follow: We’ll never say no to a beauty tip or two, but it’s the personality and sense of humor that Patricia Bright injects into all of her YouTube videos that make us love watching her so much more.

Name: Chime Edwards
Instagram: @chimeedwards
Why you should follow her: Chime Edwards is an expert of sorts on all things natural hair care, and she posts some of the most helpful tutorials and product reviews you can find.

Name: Raye Boyce
Instagram: @itsmyrayeraye
Why you should follow her: Anytime you’re looking to create a photo-ready look on a budget, this is who you should turn to. Whether she’s testing out $6 foundations, telling us about the best highlighters under $10, or creating a full face using drugstore products, Raye Boyce is the queen of making inexpensive products look high-end.

Name: Teaira Walker
Instagram: @teairawalker
Why you should follow her: Teaira Walker’s pretty transparent about her life outside of vlogging, but aside from that, she can teach you about anything from how to take your look from day to night to how to flawlessly install a lacefront wig.

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