Society: Office of Multicultural Affairs to host “Black Girls Rock” at GVSU

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Office of Multicultural Affairs will be hosting “Black Girls Rock” for the first time ever at Grand Valley State University. This event will give spotlight to some of the most influential black women professionals at GVSU.

“Black Girls Rock” originated from an award show that happens yearly on Black Entertainment Television (BET). During the show, Producer Beverly Bond acknowledges the work that black women have done across the world.

The “Black Girls Rock” celebration will kick off in the Kirkhof Center Grand River room on Tuesday, Feb. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is putting on the event in partnership with You Beautiful Black Woman and iPromise. Together, they created a list of awards that will honor a female faculty member, support staff member, administrative professional and an outstanding graduate student.

“Much like the show on BET, we want to honor black women who have been doing work in the community and helping others be better,” said Coordinator of the Multicultural Affairs Department Juanita Davis.

Along with recognizing these accomplishments, there will be live entertainment such as dancers, empowering songs and a creative spoken word piece. Davis said that one song will also be performed specifically for the Legacy award winner.

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Senior Devoren Wesley has hosted many events, such as “Black Girls Rock,” at GVSU. Soon graduating in April, he has been in search for prospects who are qualified enough to carry on his legacy. To find this well rounded individual, Wesley has been hosting a contest on social media.

“He is sort of passing on the torch to the next driven individual who is good at organizing and hosting events,” Davis said.

GVSU students have the ability to participate in choosing the winner by going on social media and voting for their favorites. The individual that wins will also help Wesley co-host “Black Girls Rock” to get some experience for when they will be hosting on their own. The winner of this contest will be taking over Wesley’s role as a host for many major GVSU events.

During “Black Girls Rock,” awards will be presented in a unique way unlike traditional award shows. Normally, awards would be presented by women, but this year they will be presented by male faculty and staff.

“This, I think, really helps us being kings and queens and kind of coming together to recognize one another,” Davis said.

For the event, people are asked to dress in complete black. They are encouraged to wear their best black to represent the accomplishments of black women at GVSU. There will also be a black carpet for people to walk on as they enter the Grand River Room.

“Black Girls Rock” is a night that will bring light to overlooked black women who have had such a huge impact in today’s society. “Black Girls Rock” seeks to recognize their accomplishments, citizenship and overall contributions at GVSU.


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