Media: Todd Tucker Defends Kandi Burruss Against Mommy Shamers

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has been very open with her struggle to balance career and family time. In last week’s episode, the cast did their version of rose and thorn during their last dinner in Japan. Eva Marcille asked the ladies to discuss the highs and lows they have in their lives right now.

Kandi gushed her “highs” are all about how amazing all of her businesses are doing. For her “lows,” she admitted she struggles to find time for her family. She explained this is why her husband Todd Tucker and her daughter Riley Burruss aren’t too thrilled with her desire to have another baby. Apparently, fans of the show are also upset over Kandi’s work life balance.

Recently, Kandi took some heat on social media for missing her son Ace Tucker’s school recital. This was because she was on Celebrity Big Brother instead.

In an interview with TMZ, Todd responded to the mommy shaming Kandi received online. He said, “Kandi’s a boss. You know this is just something she wanted to try. Riley gave her love.”

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Riley also gave her feedback on the matter. Riley said, “She called me when she found out and I watch the show. So, I’m the one that told her to go. She probably wouldn’t have went if I didn’t.” I can definitely see Riley encouraging her mom to be on the show. Who wouldn’t want to see their parent on one of their favorite shows?

Todd confirmed what Riley said, “It was a family decision.” He continued, “It’s about life experiences. It was something my wife wanted to do, something she wanted to try. Her daughter supported it, and it’s like, yo, let people do their thing.” Agreed, Todd!

He then pointed over to his son Ace and said, “Look at my son, he don’t look happy? He’s very happy, we’re all happy.” Todd continued, “I think everybody should just try to form a similar unit of working together and taking care of their family, and allowing each other to do things that people want to do. Live your life.” He then had a message for the haters online to, “Get a life.”

I honestly couldn’t agree with Todd more. But, by their own choice, they are in the public eye. And that will bring criticism and “mommy shamming” to their life choices. However, Kandi and Todd seem to have career and family balance under control.


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