Media: Oscars Costume Party ’19! Up Close With Iconic Outfit From ‘Black Panther’

Fans have passionately championed what they believe is the best movie in this year’s Oscar race. But have you had a glimpse inside those films?

Ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards (ABC, 8 ET/PT), USA Today is unveiling the first-ever augmented-reality Hollywood experience, allowing readers to explore the underpinnings of epic costumes from Oscar favorites “Black Panther,”“Bohemian Rhapsody,”“The Favourite,”“Mary Poppins Returns,”“BlacKkKlansman” and “Mary Queen of Scots.”

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This USA TODAY AR experience has everything: the ability to explore famous costumes as though you’re standing right in front of them, interviews with the films’ acclaimed costume designers and new celebrity tidbits! Here’s a taste of the stories we discovered behind the seams.

To view “Oscars: The Costumes and Creators,” download the latest version of the USA TODAY mobile app, and click from mobile devices to view on Android and iOS or find within the USA TODAY Life section.

‘Black Panther’
You were right to be amazed by the costumes of “Black Panther.” Oscar-nominated designer Ruth E. Carter drew inspiration from ancient Africa, and propelled the aesthetic of Wakanda forward with wearable art and futuristic details.

“When you look at the art of Africa, you see so many unique shapes, spiritual meanings – you see history, but overall, you see their version of beauty,” she says.

And she made sure the formidable Dora Milaje warriors weren’t sexualized. “We wanted to honor the female form and not exploit it. So the costume is covering the vital organs. It’s devoid of high heels. We wanted the Dora Milaje to be taken very seriously as the highest-ranking female fighting force in Wakanda.”

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