Crime: Kindergartner Hit in The Face with Ruler By Teacher

TENNESSEE — The mother of a Tennessee kindergarten student said a teacher at the child’s school hit her in the face with a ruler, leaving a large bruise around her eye.

When Ciara Morgan picked up her daughter, Hailey Turner, from Cummings Elementary School in Shelby County she said she was shocked when saw the 5-year-old’s face.

“I actually cried because she had a big bruise around her eye,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the child told her her teacher was responsible.

“Ms. Lewis hit me in the eye with a ruler and told me not to tell anybody,” the girl’s aunt, Latasia Turner, said the girl told her.

The girl told her family the teacher hit her with a ruler after she told the teacher that one of her classmates wasn’t following directions.

The Shelby County School District said they take “any allegation involving the safety of a child extremely serious,” but WHBQ-TV reported the teacher was back at school two weeks after the incident.


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