Video: Footage Shows Daycare Teacher Throwing 3-year-Old Against Cabinet After Claiming Child Fell

Missouri authorities are investigating after surveillance footage revealed the disturbing details of an incident that took place earlier this month at a local daycare. A three-year-old girl who attended Brighter Day Care and Preschool in St. Louis County, Mo., was rushed to a nearby hospital on Feb. 1 with a head injury that required seven […]

Missing & Endangered Children & Adults

MECA: Activist Amber Evans ‘Vanished’ Nearly A Month Ago — Here’s What We Know

It’s been nearly a month since Columbus, Ohio, resident and activist, Amber Evans went missing, but little progress has been made in determining just what happened to her. She was last seen on January 28, and her car was discovered abandoned near the Scioto River, leaving her family bewildered and worried. “I don’t have any […]